Do not compromise clarity, quality, and relevance for a shorter CV

We had a few feedback in relation to our previous Blog, How many pages should a CV have?, so we will clarify in this Blog some of those points raised.


It is obvious that there are many advantages in doing a 1-page CV, as in doing so, you will provide your readers, in a very short time frame, an objective, concise, and precise description of your key capabilities and achievements, and what you have to offer. Alternatively, they will be able to confirm very rapidly that you are not the right person for the role.  Either way you will leave a good impression and will be well regarded by your reader for helping them making a quick decision about you and the role in question.

One- page CV is very doable in particular if you have a focused profile that naturally leads to the role you are after.  In this case only the most recent and greatest achievements are relevant and hence, no or very little reference is made to the earlier years.   This is the typical case of senior managers and executives who have been working for well known and established companies.  The assumption here is that the reader of your CV accepts that by being on those senior roles you must have certain skills and experience.

In all other cases we recommend a 2-pages CV (refer to How many pages should a CV have?), as most people:

  • Are still building up their career and hence it is important to provide the reader a view of how their career is progressing, or
  • Have had a broad experience, and they want to provide the reader with a general view of their capabilities, knowledge, and education/ training/ certificates.

Now, if you are at the very beginning of you career you may think that you could do your CV in one page, which is quite reasonable if you are able to make yourself distinct from others and attractive to your prospective employer in that 1 page.  This is the challenge of doing a CV when apparently you have very little to say and all you have to say is very similar to what a lot of people in your circumstances will probably be saying.  You may need to add other aspects of your life including voluntary work, training, hobbies, passions, sports and any achievements that represent part of who you are. 

The important message here is: do not compromise clarity, quality, and relevance for a shorter CV.


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