Friend’s Network Vs Coach

When people need advise on career matters they often choose to consult with their friends, and that makes sense: as friends make them feel comfortable, and will support and encourage them always in a positive manner.  Yes, it is a very safe way to get some comfort but may not be the best way to get an honest and independent professional advice on career issues.

Among all the people that we come across in life, we choose our friends because they share similar areas of interest, values and points of views.  Friends want to be friends and hence they are nice.



However the Friend’s Network is not really effective when in fact you need someone who is willing to challenge your perspectives or can be completely impartial to what you believe is right or wrong. Usually friends reflect back to you the “negatives/ positives” you quietly hold inside your own mind – remember that friends want to remain friends.

When you need to talk about your career issues, you certainly need someone who can be completely outside of your belief system in order to challenge your reality and help you see other possibilities.

Coach is someone that has experience in a way that you can have your actions, behaviors, and beliefs exposed.  Coaches help you by providing you continuous honest feedback on how you are performing and how you want to be performing. That’s all!  They do not make miracles; they are the invisible hands that will support and assist you, and you will get it all you want, if you really want it.

Senior managers, executives, and top athletes have coaches because they all need someone to talk to, who will listen to their concerns, fears and check their actions, and who provides good feedback about how to keep them on track to achieve what they want. Those people are already performing at a very high level and still want to get better, and they know they can’t do it on their own.  If your career is not progressing as you want and, notwithstanding all your efforts, you have not been able to see improvements, you definitely need a coach.

Coaches are there to help you; they are not there to be liked.  They are there to make sure that you will stay on track to achieve what you want.  So if you really like your friends, you probably don’t want to place them in an awkward position where they will feel like they might be risking your friendship if they challenge you to face the truth when you need it.

So, don’t hold back.  Please contact us to discuss your current career situation and we will develop an appropriate career coaching plan for your specific needs.

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Have a good day!

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